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Demo of a row of product items in 4 columns and is full width. The above cover image is placed in ‘Hero/Slider Area’. Ideally, you can keep the ‘Shopping Cart icon’ and page ‘Headline section’ enabled on top as seen on but as an example on this page, you can choose to keep that hidden too.

This page was created with just 2 clicks using activating ‘List Products’ component.

Note: Buttons are going below the price because of space limitations.

  • LED flood lights  It is inevitable that the LED driving power supply has AC ripple (mainly conducted by 100Hz input voltage). More important is the strobe caused by LED dimming (brightness adjustment): Generally, the brightness of LED lights is adjusted by pulse width modulation (PWM), that is, the brightness is adjusted by controlling the ratio of on / off time. This kind of strobe is more serious, the frequency of this kind of strobe is relatively high, so the LED light should be used well, everyone pay attention when buying